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‘An Irish internship was the best decision I ever made. I spent three months in Ireland and within two weeks of being back home in Spain, I found employment’


Our internship programmes provide foreign students, graduates and trainees with well-matched work placements in Ireland. Quality is the most important criterion for us. We take extra care in our matching by developing a keen understanding of each individual’s needs in terms of working style, sector preferences and future aims.

We have strong relationships with local, national and multinational companies representing a large spectrum of professional disciplines. These relationships are nurtured, resulting in many companies hosting interns with us year after year.

For trainees

We facilitate and manage the entire process for you to complete an internship in Ireland.

  • Consultation and guidance before you travel
  • Support with paperwork pertaining to schemes such as Erasmus+ and Europasses
  • Strategic matching of candidates with host company
  • Sourcing accommodation with host families
  • Delivery of welcome day orientation programmes
  • Mentoring of placement (including visitations)
  • Emergency contact and 24/7 support service during your stay in Ireland
  • Debrief and feedback session before departure
  • Optional extras: Trips and Leap card (bus/train) tickets (booking/management)

Sectors we cover

  • Administration
  • Business (Management, HR, Public Relations, Commerce)
  • Child Care and Social Care
  • Culinary Arts (Chef/Cook/Catering)
  • Engineering (Chemical, Electrical, Mechatronics, Robotics)
  • IT, Software, Website Development and Graphic Design
  • Marketing
  • Professional Services (Accountancy, Law)
  • Scientific (Chemistry, Physics, Environmental)
  • Specialist: Journalism, Botanics, Upholstery, Fashion Design, Seamstress
  • Tourism and Hospitality

Core Benefits

  • Immerse in another country
  • Acquire self-confidence, sensitivity, inter-cultural awareness and coping skills
  • Develop a deep expertise and craftsmanship for your sector
  • Encounter day-to-day challenges of working life
  • Engage in rich opportunities for learning
  • Experience living independently and in a different country
  • Form interpersonal skills
  • Learn about the products, services and operations of an international firm
  • Opportunity to learn English in an English-speaking environment
  • Professional training to show potential employers


For more information and to book an internship or partnership – Contact us today on +353 21 4928969.