The story of Career Training Internships

Having spent five years training and working as a career and employment officer in London, Kathy O’Dwyer then returned to college to formally complete her training and accreditation in career guidance.
On her return to Ireland, Kathy worked in a variety of projects that focused on women and youth unemployment during the 1980s.
After many years of successfully training and guiding numerous women and young people, she became an entrepreneur and founded Career Training Internships in 2010.
Since that time, Kathy and her dedicated team have been forming partnerships with local families and businesses, as well as managing trainee experiences for many years.

Career Training Internships head offices are situated in Cork City in the south of the Republic of Ireland and we are one of Ireland’s leading intern placement and training companies. We focus on building important links between Irish businesses, European Partners and enterprising interns.

Career Training Internships was founded with the aim of encouraging the exchange of knowledge and experience between European countries through promoting the mobility of its citizens. Presently, we specialise in the coordination of educational programmes which enable the acquisition of linguistic and professional competences within Ireland. Working creatively and proactively in matching employer requirements with internship placement preferences across Ireland, we take additional care with placements to consider travel, accommodation and each individual’s needs. This extra attention ensures the highest quality placement for both trainees and employers.

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